Hot Trends for Marble Slabs in Toronto

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There are many trendy ways to use marble slabs for design projects. What hot trends for marble slabs are right for your Toronto home renovation?
Before you lift a hammer or call a renovator, check out the following:

Book-Matched Marble Flooring

Book-matched marble flooring is a hot trend that offers you a modern twist on the classic use of marble. When a marble slab is book-matched and split down the centre, each side is a mirror image of the other. You can use this method for matching countertops, flooring, matching your kitchen island to the countertop, matching his and her vanities in the bathroom, household tabletops, and other areas of the house.

Bathroom Trends

Whether you’ve lived in your house for a decade or are just moving in, you’ll quickly notice that the bathroom is one of the first rooms to feel dated. Most of the rooms in your house change with you as you add and move things around, but bathrooms tend to be major renovations that need planning in advance.
Stand-alone tubs that present a spa-like feel are becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom. You can add to the lush, spa-like feel by installing marble flooring or accents around the tub.
Another hot trend is the addition of a fireplace to the bathroom. Nothing says romance and relaxation like a beautifully designed fireplace. Think of how striking your bathroom fireplace will be with marble reflecting the light from your fire. It’s a decadent, luxurious touch that is sure to make the bathroom your favourite room in the house.

Marble Slabs around the House

Bakers love marble countertops in the kitchen, and it’s a popular and elegant touch for the bathroom, but there are many other uses for marble around your home.
Marble flooring in your foyer gives the impression of exclusivity and wealth as soon as your guests step through the door. It’s important to remember that marble is a very soft and porous stone, so if you decide to use it as flooring, remember that it stains easily. You’ll definitely want a mat for visitors to stand on when they enter, or encourage visitors to remove their shoes on the porch.
To keep marble looking its best, reseal it at least once a year. If it’s heavily used, like a countertop or flooring, reseal it more often. Watch for signs of wear and immediately reseal. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Once a stain sets in marble, it’s likely permanent.
Marble slabs also make beautiful tabletops that seem to go on forever. You can use them to add polish to any room. Consider turning your marble slab into stylish barstools or end tables. If you have a marble slab remnant left over from other renovations, you can use it for these smaller projects. Just ask your fabricator to cut the pieces for you.
There are many types of marble. You can go with just one or mix and match different styles, like the Theodore Levin United States Courthouse in Detroit, which has over 30 different kinds of marble.
One beautiful decorating idea is to secure small parts of your marble slab to silver candle sticks to create a trivet. You can use it at home or make a few so you can give them as gifts to your architect, renovation manager, or fabricator after the renovation is finished.
There are many trendy uses for marble slabs during your Toronto home renovation.